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The roots of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Austria

Crypto-Economics: Infrastructures and Artefacts

Future Cryptoeconomics: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Forking, and a novel discipline

Cryptocurrencies as Distributed Community Experiments

Journal for Cryptoeconomics

Conversations on Cryptopolitics

Future Cryptoeconomics Launch – Devcon4 Prague

Future Cryptoeconomics: Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Blockchain, Forking, and a novel discipline

The perfect storm of FUD: DeFi and Cascading Defaults, Bitcoin’s bottom and Ethereum pre-merge meltdown

Critical Decentralisation Cluster (36c3)

Matthias Tarasiewicz

Hot topics in Blockchain and Web3

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Forking as Cultural Practice: Institutional Governance after The DAO

Faceless Praxis in the Age of Zero Trust: Strategies of Disappearance and distributed Pseudonymity in Art and Research

RIAT Open Hardware Dialogues at OSHWA Open Source Hardware Month

RIAT decentral archive of process artefacts at the DATA LOAM exhibition

RIAT decentral archive of process artifacts at the DATA LOAM exhibition


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Coded Cultures: New Creative Practices out of Diversity (Edition Angewandte)

HCPP 2019: The past, present and future of Opt-Out with Open and Libre Hardware


Events Archive of the RIAT Institute


Advanced Smart Contract Development with Ethereum

Developer trainings in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, EVM, WASM and Rust.




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