Events Archive of the RIAT Institute

The event archive is currently under reconstruction. Please see the RIAT Github for events and participations. If you find something missing in the list here, please open an issue on Github or create a pull request.


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DateDescriptionEvent TypeTimeLocationCityCountryISO
2020/08/24Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #13Meetup18:30RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2020/08/10Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #12Meetup18:30RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2020/07/27Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #11Meetup18:30RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2020/07/13Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #10Meetup18:30RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2020/06/22Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #9Meetup18:30RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2020/03/1310th Open Hardware Summit, NYCSummit*NYUNew YorkUSAUS
2020/03/04Elm Meetup MarchMeetup18:30RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2020/02/12Elm Meetup FebruaryMeetup19:00RIAT ViennaviennaAustriaAT
2020/02/01Bitcoin Austria: raspiblitz workshopWorkshop14:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2020/01/29Animated Typography with BlenderWorkshop19:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2020/01/08Elm Meetup JanuaryMeetup19:00RIAT ViennaviennaAustriaAT
2020/01/03Bitcoin Austria: 11 Jahre Bitcoin BlockchainMeetup19:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT


DateDescriptionEvent TypeTimeLocationCityCountryISO
2019/12/27 – 2019/12/3036C3: decentral.communityCongress*CCLLeipzigGermanyDE
2019/12/18Bitcoin Austria: Atomic SwapsMeetup19:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/12/04Elm Meetup DecemberMeetup19:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/11/14Microservices, Reactive and Distributed Systems: How to move fast, deploy often, and minimize risk with microservicesMeetup18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/11/11Trust Square Lecture Series: Future of Open Hardware in a (Verifiable) Decentralised WorldLecture18:00TrustsquareZurichSwitzerlandCH
2019/11/06Elm Meetup NovemberMeetup19:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/11/02Adam Back (Blockstream), David Chaum, Matthias TarasiewiczTalk Series18:00The Cube AthensAthensGreeceGR
2019/10/30Decentralized AthensConference talk13:30decentralized conferenceAthensGreeceGR
2019/10/28Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #8Meetup19:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/10/24CGmeetMeetup19:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/10/10Future of Open Hardware in a (Verifiable) Decentralised WorldLecture13:00Ethereum Devcon OsakaOsakaJapanJP
2019/10/10Open Hardware Panel at Ethereum Devcon5 (Paul Gardner-Stephen, Cameron Robertson, Matthias Tarasiewicz)Panel11:25Ethereum Devcon OsakaOsakaJapanJP
2019/10/07 – 2019/10/15Japan Blockchain WeekExternal**TokyoJapanJP
2019/10/05Showcase: Materialities of Modern CryptographyExhibition19:00HCPP Paralelni PolisPragueCzechiaCZ
2019/10/05Black Crystal Workshop by RIAT and Riddle&Code (at HCPP: Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis)Workshop9:00HCPP Paralelni PolisPragueCzechiaCZ
2019/10/04Talk: The past, present and future of Opt-Out with Open and Libre Hardware (at HCPP: Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis)Lecture18:00HCPP Paralelni PolisPragueCzechiaCZ
2019/10/ at HCPP: 36c3 planning meetingPlanning meeting*HCPP Paralelni PolisPragueCzechiaCZ
2019/10/04Materialities of modern Cryptography (Paralelni Polis, Prague)Popup exhibition*HCPP Paralelni PolisPragueCzechiaCZ
2019/10/04 – 2019/10/06HCPP: Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis 6th annual Hackers CongressExternal*Paralelní PolisPragueCzechiaCZ
2019/10/01Open Hardware Month Kick-Off: Apertus AXIOMShowcase18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/09/26Microservices, Reactive and Distributed Systems Vienna: Willhaben’s Inverse Conway ManeuverMeetup18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/09/03 – 2019/09/06RWOT9: Rebooting the Web of Trust IX – 2019B – PragueExternal*Paralelní PolisPragueCzechiaCZ
2019/09/01Vienna Ditgital Identity Meetup / RWOT pre-event: On the road to pragueMicro-conf11:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/08/27Blender Community Meeting / Vienna Libre MediaMeetup18:30RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/08/08 – 2019/08/11DEF CON 27 Hacking ConferenceExternal*Las VegasLas VegasUSAUS
2019/08/08 – 2019/08/11Monero Village at DEF CON 27Village*Las VegasLas VegasUSAUS
2019/08/022600 meetingMeeting18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/08/01Monero Austria MeetupMeetup18:00ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/07/2371. Bitcoin Austria Meetup: Facebook LibraMeetup18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/07/22Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #7Meetup18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/07/19 – 2019/07/21Hackatoshi’s Flying CircuitHackathon*Paralelní PolisPragueCzechiaCZ
2019/07/19Riddle and Code workshop results presentation (public)Presentations16:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/07/18 – 2019/07/19Riddle and Code presents: Decentralised ID Authentication and Access WorkshopWorkshop9:30RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/07/11Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #6: An Evening with HolochainMeetup18:00MQ Vienna / RIAT BoothViennaAustriaAT
2019/06/18Ethereum Meetup [TECH] Microsoft Blockchain News / SW3 Update, CryptostampMeetup18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/06/22 – 2019/06/23Monero KonferencoExternal18:00The Curtis HotelViennaAustriaAT
2019/06/04Microservices ❤ Domain-Driven DesignMeetup18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/06/03Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #5Meetup18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/185th Moneroversary: 5 years of Monero and RIAT Open HouseAll-day program*RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/17Microservices ViennaMeetup18:30RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/29Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #4Meetup18:30RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/10Tezos Vienna #1: Tezos protocol w/ Rust, ReasonML DAPPs, Protocol amendmentsMeetup18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/ MeetupEvent18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/05RIAT Essentials Program LaunchProgram LaunchRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/052600 Hacker MeetingMeetingRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/04RIAT Academy: Smart Contract Development with EthereumAcademy*RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/03Capacity Distributed Storage – Kickoff EventCapacity18:00RIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/03Deep Dive into Ethereum (Ralph Pichler)WorkshopANON Blockchain SummitViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/02Talk: RIAT Essentials – experiences from distributed research and innovation in decentral communitiesPresentationANON Blockchain SummitViennaAustriaAT
2019/04/02Ethereum Vienna MeetupMeetupRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/03/25Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #3: Rebooting the Web of TrustMeetupRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/03/15Ruby Crypto Meetup #6 – Code Your Own Smart Contracts with Ruby (sruby), Universum & Co.MeetupRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/03/09Monero Meetup 01/2019: Network Upgrade, 35c3 recap, AcademyMeetupRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/03/07Microservices Vienna MeetupMeetupRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/03/012600 Hacker MeetingMeetingRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/02/28RIAT Academy: Smart Contract Development with EthereumAcademyRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/02/25DATA LOAM ExhibitionExhibitionAngewandte Innovation LaboratoryViennaAustriaAT
2019/02/25Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #2MeetupRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/02/22Future Cryptoeconomics: The Genesis StackExhibitionRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/02/15Ethereum Vienna Meetup: Constantinople and PetersburgMeetupRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/02/11Digital Identity Vienna Meetup #1: Launch EventMeetupRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/02/04Blender UsergroupUsergroupRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT
2019/01/0370th Bitcoin Austria Meetup: 10 years of BitcoinMeetupRIAT ViennaViennaAustriaAT


DateDescriptionEvent TypeLocation
2018/12/27Critical Decentralisation Cluster at 35C3 Chaos Communication CongressConferenceMessehalle Leipzig
2018/12/11Xmr.mas & Hrvoje Hiršl PresentationMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/11/27RIAT at Dezentrum ZurichPresentationTrustSquare Zürich
2018/10/30RIAT & Future Cryptoeconomics at Ethereum Devcon 4ConferencePrague Congress Centre
2018/09/03Ethereum Tech Meetup – The State of State ChannelsMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/08/23Microservices Meetup: Speakers CornersMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/08/20EOS Vienna Special Guest: EOS Authority BP AMA, Space Invaders on EOSMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/05/17Ethereum Tech Meetup – Microsoft Blockchain Workbench + Swarm Summit RecapMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/05/03React May MeetupMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/04/29Workshop: Signum_ Invisible RevealedWorkshopRIAT Vienna
2018/04/1767. Bitcoin Austria MeetupMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/04/09Ethereum User Meetup – Ethereum and Health CareMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/03/06Ethereum Tech Meetup – Swarm Week Results + DatafundMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/02/27Book Launch – Making.Artistic.Technology PresentationBook PresentationRIAT Vienna
2018/02/2666. Bitcoin Austria MeetupMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/02/22Ethereum Tech Meetup – Deep dive into MakerMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/02/08Ethereum Meetup – Education on the blockchain with ODEM + EtherchainMeetupRIAT Vienna
2018/02/03[Presentation] Cryptoeconomics as Data LoamPresentationTransmediale,Berlin
2018/02/02[Forkshop] Fork-Politics in Post-Consensus CryptoeconomicsForkshopTransmediale, Berlin

Events 2012-2014

2017/12/27[34c3] Bitcoin / Monero / RIAT at 34c3 Chaos Communication Congress
2017/12/19AustrianStartups Stammtisch #53 with Etherisc, Coinfinity and Startup300
2017/12/18[Ethereum Meetup] Decentralised lending with ETHLend
2017/12/17[Workshop] 2FA development day
2017/12/16[Free Code Camp] Free Code Camp Meetup
2017/12/16[Workshop] Monero Open Hardware Wallet Workshop (msvb-lab)
2017/12/15[Monero Meetup] Open Hardware Wallet, Traceability
2017/12/14[Ruby & Rails] Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Ruby
2017/12/13[React] React December Meetup
2017/12/12[Bitcoin] Bitcoin Austria Meetup: Hardforks, Softforks
2017/12/05[vue.js] vue.js Meetup December
2017/12/04[Ethereum Meetup] uPort: A Platform for self-sovereign identity
2017/12/01[Monero Workgroup] Monero XMR December in Vienna
2017/11/23[RIAT Academy] Smart Contract Development with Ethereum (23. – 26. October 2017)
2017/11/22[Golang] Vienna Go User Group November Meetup
2017/11/14[Bitcoin] Bitcoin Austria Meetup
2017/11/10[Ethereum] DEVCON-3 Recap
2017/11/08[Performance] The Future of Demonstration: Proof-of-Burn
2017/11/07[vue.js] vue.js Meetup November
2017/11/01[Artist-in-residence] Laura Lotti [IT]
2017/10/25[Golang] Vienna Go User Group October Meetup
2017/10/19[RIAT Academy] Smart Contract Development with Ethereum (19. – 22. October 2017)
2017/10/18[Blockchainers Meetup] Cognitive Analytics in Support of Governmental Execution
2017/10/16[Ethereum] Byzantium Release (Metropolis Part 1)
2017/10/08[Presentation] Open Hardware Summit
2017/10/05[RIAT Academy] Smart Contract Development with Ethereum (05. – 08. October 2017)
2017/10/02[Presentation] The Rise of ICO
2017/10/01[Artist-in-residence] Jaya Klara Brekke [UK]
2017/09/29[Presentation] Startup.Live Linz: Focus Blockchain
2017/09/27[Meetup] Vienna Go (golang) User Group Meetup
2017/09/26[Bitcoin] Bit&Block Academy Week 10
2017/09/22[Presentation] Victor Papanek Foundation Symposium
2017/09/14Poietry Book Presentation(s): Solitude/Transition/Connection
2017/09/12[Bitcoin] 63. Bitcoin Austria Meetup Vienna: ICOs (sponsored by herocoin)
2017/09/07[Exhibition] STARTS Prize
2017/09/01[Artist-in-residence] Max Hampshire
2017/09/01[Exhibition] Cryptoeconomic Artefacts
2017/08/23[Presentation] Cryptoeconomics: Infrastructures & Artefacts
2017/08/11[NEM] Blockchain for Startups – How NEM Can Kickstart Your Blockchain Business
2017/08/01[Bitcoin] The Bitcoin Scaling Crisis
2017/08/01[Ethereum] Scaling Blockchain (Bitcoin + Ethereum)
2017/08/01[Bitcoin] Bit&Block Academy
2017/07/25[Bitcoin] Bit&Block Academy
2017/07/18[Bitcoin] Bit&Block Academy
2017/07/11[Workshop] Reality Winner: Threat Modelling
2017/07/11[Bitcoin] Bit&Block Academy
2017/07/04[Ethereum] Microsoft and the Blockchain
2017/07/01[Artist-in-residence] Selena Savic [SRB]
2017/06/23[Research Cultures] Mitchel Cumming & Kenzee Patterson: # A dolphin in bronze / A dolphin out of bronze #
2017/06/14[ISEA 2017] Institutions in Crisis
2017/06/14[ISEA 2017] Poietic Strategies in Artistic Practice
2017/06/13[ISEA 2017] Journal for Research Cultures
2017/06/12[Book Launch] Jürgen Kleft: Shellpunk Buchpräsentation
2017/06/09[Ethereum] Meetup: and Blockchain in SEA (Attores)
2017/06/03[New Economy Movement] initial NEM Meetup Vienna ($XEM)
2017/06/01[Artist-in-residence] Satoshi Nakomoto [JP]
2017/05/27[Ethereum] Advanced Workshop: From Idea to Contract
2017/05/25[Ethereum] Meetup: Ksenya Bellman / DAO.Casino
2017/05/24[Research Cultures] Jasmine Powell: efflux/spatter
2017/05/11[Altcoins] Clash of Coins (Ethereum + Monero + Dogecoin)
2017/05/05[Ethereum] Meetup: Meet Viktor Tron (Swarm, Ethereum)
2017/05/01[Artist-in-residence] Jasmine Powell [AU]
2017/04/28[Workshop] SIGNUM_The invisible revealed: Presence, perception and noise.
2017/04/25[Ethereum] Meetup: Possibilities of homomorphic encryption
2017/04/18[Edit-a-ton] Open Art & Technology Wikimedia Edit-a-thon at RIAT
2017/04/17[Artist-in-residence] Victor Mazón Gardoqui [ES]
2017/03/20[Ethereum] Decentralised insurance with Etherisc
2017/03/19[Artist-in-residence] Brett Scott [ZA]
2017/03/15[IoT Talks] IoT and the Blockchain with Open Hardware
2017/02/14[Ethereum] Vitalik Buterin presents the roadmap for ethereum
2017/02/14[Showcase] On display: Bitcoincloud (2010), Brute-Force-Attack (DAO, 2016) and Crypto-Artefacts
2017/02/01[Artist-in-residence] Rachel-Rose O’Leary [IRL]
2017/01/26[V&A Design Culture Salon] How does design create alternative economies in contemporary culture?
2017/01/25[Ethereum] Meet Simon De La Rouviere (Ujo Music, Consensys) and Paul Kohlhaas (9needs)
2017/01/20[Research Cultures] Lia Scarton Carreira: Fragments of [online] Existence
2016/12/26[Exhibition] RIAT Crypto Lab at 33C3 (CCC Hamburg)
2016/12/18[Workshop] Nina Prader: ZINE-CORE:_ File_Under_
2016/12/17[Ethereum] Spurious Dragon, Geth 1.5 and ENS
2016/12/15[Artistic Bokeh] Andrew Newman in conversation with Patricia J. Reis and Anna T. from Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory
2016/12/14[Lecture] Alessandro Ludovico: The Library of the Future
2016/12/10[Ethereum] Advanced Workshop: From Contract to DApp (web3.js / Whisper / Swarm / IPFS)
2016/12/03[Ethereum] Advanced Workshop: From Idea to Smart Contract
2016/12/01[Artist-in-residence] Brud
2016/12/01[Artist-in-residence] Nina Prader [USA]
2016/12/01[Artist-in-residence] Georg Tremmel & Shiho Fukuhara [JP]
2016/12/01[Workshop] MoneyLab: Politics of the Cyphersphere
2016/11/26[Making Artistic Technology] Trans/mission: The power & value of sharing commons
2016/11/25[Book Launch] Openism: Conversations on Open Hardware
2016/11/19[Ethereum] Workshop: Contract Development for Beginners
2016/11/17[Ethereum] Smart Contract Development for Beginners
2016/11/14[Research Cultures] Pêdra Costa: Seduction at a Crossroads
2016/11/12[Making Artistic Technology] SIGNUM: Workshop by Víctor Mazón Gardoqui
2016/11/10[Fintech Academy] Fintech Academy: disrupting advertising
2016/11/09[Bitcoin] 58. Bitcoin Austria Meetup
2016/11/05[Ethereum] The Age of ICOs / EIP-150 Hardfork
2016/11/01[Artist-in-residence] Víctor Mazón Gardoqui [ES]
2016/10/25Conversations on Artistic Practice & Research
2016/10/19[Making Artistic Technology] Spencer-Brown Eulogic
2016/10/07[Open Hardware] Open Hardware Summit 2016 Portland
2016/10/07[Research Cultures] Isabella Kohlhuber: NO NO NO (display)
2016/10/05[Ethereum] DEVCON-2 Recap
2016/10/01[Open Hardware] Book Launch: OPENISM – Conversations in Open Hardware
2016/09/30[Research Cultures] Imperieum Anti-Naturae
2016/09/19[Ethereum] RIAT at Ethereum DEVCON2 Shanghai
2016/09/17[Making Artistic Technology] Artist Talk: Marita Fraser
2016/09/13[Ethereum] 57th Bitcoin Austria Meetup
2016/09/13[Ethereum] Nick Dodson – Additional get-together
2016/09/12[Ethereum] Meet Nick Dodson from Consensys! (Weifund and Boardroom)
2016/09/10[Ethereum] Contract Development for Beginners
2016/09/10[Making Artistic Technology] Shanghai Class: Shaping Data, Visualizing Patterns & Understanding Blockchains
2016/09/08[Fintech Academy] AppCoins and launch of the waggawagga gaming portal
2016/09/07[Ethereum] The Road to 2.0: Abstractions / More DAO drama
2016/09/01[Artists-in-residence] Marita Fraser [AU]
2016/08/06[Ethereum] Mist, Light Client and Swarm
2016/08/05[Research Cultures] Mariel Rodríguez: Flowers of Evil:
2016/07/01[Ethereum] The DAO Attack and Consequences
2016/06/21[Ethereum] From Idea to Contract
2016/06/01[Artists-in-residence] Alessandro Ludovico [IT]
2016/05/29[Coded Cultures Openism] The Zine-Ship Manifest-Station
2016/05/28[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance: Value
2016/05/28[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Hardware Europe Summit
2016/05/27[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Phase
2016/05/27[Coded Cultures Openism] Publication and Public Making
2016/05/27[Coded Cultures Openism] NO-ISBN & Self-Publishing
2016/05/27[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits III: Rituals of Friendship & Scholarship
2016/05/26Tracing Repairability – from analysis to designing parts
2016/05/26[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Topology
2016/05/26[Coded Cultures Openism] Strategies for Post-artistic times
2016/05/26[Coded Cultures Openism] AXIOM Analog Film Workshop
2016/05/25[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Electric Indigo
2016/05/25[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits I: Proposals, Prescriptions & Possibilities
2016/05/25[Coded Cultures Openism] Blockchain and Dogecoin Meetup
2016/05/25[Coded Cultures Openism] Angewandte Praxis – AXIOM Gamma Project
2016/05/24[Coded Cultures Openism] Ethereum Contract Development for Beginners
2016/05/24[Coded Cultures Openism] Elmyra & Blender
2016/05/24[Research Cultures] Patricia J. Reis: Penetrating the Black Box
2016/05/24[Coded Cultures Openism] Contamination – for Viennese revolution
2016/05/23[Coded Cultures Openism] Ethereum & the DAO
2016/05/23[Coded Cultures Openism] Civil Disobedience Repair
2016/05/23[Coded Cultures Openism] AXIOM Hands On
2016/05/23[Coded Cultures Openism] apertus° AXIOM Ergonomics Meetup
2016/05/23[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Maps Exhibition
2016/05/22[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Cluster
2016/05/22[Coded Cultures Openism] Edit-a-thon
2016/05/22[Coded Cultures Openism] Life in Postdemocratic times
2016/05/21[Coded Cultures Openism] Vienna RISO Convention
2016/05/21[Coded Cultures Openism] Immersive Arts
2016/05/21[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Transmission
2016/05/21[Coded Cultures Openism] SIGNUM
2016/05/21[Coded Cultures Openism] Recycled Percussion and Distortion Systems
2016/05/21[Coded Cultures Openism] Overflo Uranium Workshop
2016/05/20[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Trace
2016/05/20[Coded Cultures Openism] The Faceless Phenomenon
2016/05/20[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Uli Kühn
2016/05/20[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Maps Workshop
2016/05/20[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Publishing Lab
2016/05/19[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Angle
2016/05/19[Coded Cultures Openism] Coded Cultures Opening
2016/05/19[Coded Cultures Openism] Dries Depoorter: Sheriff Software
2016/05/19[Coded Cultures Openism] Post Blockchain Lab
2016/05/19[Coded Cultures Openism] AXIOM Open Cinema Lab
2016/05/18[Research Cultures] Terra Aura Finissage
2016/05/01[Artist-in-residence] Hannes Waldschütz [DE]
2016/05/01[Artists-in-residence] Dries Depoorter
2016/04/21Josh Harle at the University of Applied Arts
2016/04/16[Ethereum] The Road to 2.0: Casper / GridSingularity
2016/04/09Making Use – Life in Postartistic Times
2016/04/08Decolonising the Digital
2016/04/02[Research Cultures] Adam Donovan: Terra Aura
2016/03/30[Making Artistic Technology] Pirate Maps
2016/03/28Pornographer or Warrior: A Discussion
2016/03/15[Ethereum] Homestead Release
2016/02/25Artistic Use of Blockchain Technology
2016/02/05Josh Harle on Tactical Space
2016/02/01Transmediale: Unmaking – 5 Anxieties
2016/02/01[Artist-in-residence] Adam Donovan [AU]
2016/01/31[Ethereum] Simple contract development and deployment
2016/01/26[Artist-in-residence] RIAT and Q21 Artist Residency Launch
2016/01/01[Artist-in-residence] Josh Harle [AU]
2015/12/28Participation at 32C3 Chaos Communication Congress
2015/12/19[Ethereum] Almost Homestead
2015/12/10Awards for Research in Artistic Technology
2015/12/01[Artist-in-residence] Mario de Vega [MX]
2015/12/01[Artist-in-residence] Nicolas Maigret [FR]
2015/12/01[Artist-in-residence] Maria Roszkowska [PL]
2015/11/22[Research Cultures] Peter Moosgaard: Skafander (The Spiritual Cyborg)
2015/11/18[Ethereum] DEVCON-1 and UI Wallet
2015/10/29Contemporary Code: Artistic Research
2015/10/29[Making Artistic Technology] Mobile Laboratory for the New Aesthetic of Digital Exchanges
2015/10/28[Making Artistic Technology] Elizabeth Losh on FemTechNet
2015/10/10[Making Artistic Technology] Make_Kit: Zine
2015/10/07[Making Artistic Technology] Micropublishing with Soybot
2015/09/28[Ethereum] Augur: Peronet Despeignes
2015/09/26[Ethereum] Augur: The decentralized prediction market
2015/09/25Social Glitch: Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events
2015/09/24Social Glitch – Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events
2015/09/19Open Hardware Summit
2015/09/11[Research Cultures] Jenna Sutela: Orgs_ (Curated by Laura McLean)
2015/08/13[Ethereum] Frontier Meetup
2015/08/01ISEA Vancouver & PKP Meetup
2015/07/15Salon für Kunstbuch: Library is Everywhere
2015/07/01[Ethereum] 100 Ethereum Members and Augur
2015/07/01[Artist-in-residence] Marcell Mars [HR]
2015/06/18ELIA Conference: Economies of Aesthetics
2015/05/30[Research Cultures] Behavioural Modernity (curated by Laura McLean)
2015/05/27[Making Artistic Technology] Workshop/Sweatshop
2015/05/15Bitcoincloud at Fiber Festival
2015/05/10[Making Artistic Technology] Circuit Bending with Studio Praxistest
2015/05/01[Artist-in-residence] Laura McLean [AU]
2015/04/21[Making Artistic Technology] LIMEN Workshop with Mario de Vega and Víctor Mazón Gardoqui
2015/04/01Make Yourself an Expert Academy
2015/03/26Apertus AXIOM Kick-off
2015/03/13Matthias Tarasiewicz: Cryptocurrencies as Experimental Systems
2015/02/07[Research Cultures] Josh Harle: Tactical Space Lab
2015/02/07Capturing Experimental Research Cultures at Transmediale
2014/11/21[Research Cultures] Jai McKenzie: Never Forever
2014/11/20Launch: Runway Experimental Australian Arts Issue 26: Knowledge (Edited by Andrew Newman)
2014/11/01[Artists-in-residence] Jai McKenzie
2014/09/29[Research Cultures] Apertus & Artistic Bokeh: Open Source Cinema Lab
2014/09/04Ars Electronica with Andreas Leo Findeisen
2014/08/20[Research Cultures] dérive: Radical Utopia? La Revolution urbaine
2014/07/03Urban Knights
2014/06/15Giblinge Destruction
2014/06/06Philip Leitner & Stephan Pircher: braindump
2014/06/01[Artist-in-residence] Teresa Dillon [IE]
2014/05/01[Artist-in-residence] Dusan Barok [SK]
2014/02/27[Research Cultures] Artistic Bokeh, Société Réaliste & Georgios Papadopoulos: Too much money…
2014/02/01[Artist-in-residence] Georgios Papadopoulos [GR]
2014/01/26[Exhibition] Exhibtition: FACELESS
2014/01/01[Artist-in-residence] Paolo Cirio [IT]
2013/11/30Presentation on Artistic Technology Research
2013/11/28Out of the Box – 10 Questions on Artistic Research
2013/11/21Performance: Andrew Newman – The Old In Out In Out
2013/11/20[Presentation] Vienna Art Week 2013 Presentation: Community currencies, cryptocurrencies and alternative economies in art and society
2013/11/19[Presentation] Vienna Art Week 2013 Presentation: Applied individuality – positions and discourses in artistic research
2013/11/18Cryptocurrency Exchange
2013/11/13Artistic Technology Colloquium: Bernd Kräftner, Matthias Tarasiewicz, Lorenz Seidler, Roman Kirschner, and Mirko T. Schäfer
2013/11/11[Research Cultures] Tetsuya Umeda – Project A
2013/09/28Faceless Part II
2013/09/27[Research Cultures] KATSU – Status Update
2013/07/20Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger – Asymmetric Love Nr. 2
2013/07/11Autonomies featuring the BitcoinCloud
2013/07/04Faceless Part I
2013/07/03[Research Cultures] The Culture of Surveillance and the Poetics of Observation Technologies
2013/07/01[Artist-in-residence] Andrew Newman [AU]
2013/06/28Art and Science Jour Fixe: Matthias Tarasiewicz & Mirko Tobias Schäfer – Novel Approaches of Research in the Arts and the Humanities
2013/06/06ISEA 2013: Andrew Newman & Matthias Tarasiewicz – Play as Method
2013/06/03A personal view on Artistic Research projects of the University of Applied Arts
2013/05/05Media in Transition 8: Public media, private media
2013/04/27Miasma: The-Merz-World-New-Construction Part II – Black Sea Washing Machine (metamorphosis)
2013/01/29Transmediale: Launch – A Peer-Reviewed Journal About #BWPWAP
2013/01/02European Media Arts Cluster Meet
2012/12/05Transmediale 2012: Incompatible Research / Trial Crack; Documentation, discussion and video interviews (Georgios Papadopoulos, Pit Schulz, Post Media Lab)
2012/12/04Launch: Runway Australian Experimental Art Issue 23 – Prototype
2012/11/22Researching BWPWAP Transmediale Workshop
2012/11/20[Research Cultures] Mapping Artistic Technology Artefacts
2012/11/19Meet SETUP.NL
2012/11/10Data Visualisations with SETUP.NL
2012/11/01[Artist-in-residence] SETUP.NL – Ryanne Turenhout, Frank-Jan van Lunteren, Tijmen Schep, Danielle de Jonge, Max Laane [NL]
2012/10/01[Artist-in-residence] Mirko Tobias Schäfer [DE] [NL]
2012/09/11Radical Net Cultures –
2012/08/21IFK Sommerakademie: The Experiment in Art and Humanities – Matthias Tarasiewicz
2012/07/06Miasma-Call for Reduction: Documentation as method, meta-narrations and media convergence
2012/07/01Opening of the Artistic Technology Lab
2012/05/10Cooperation: Urbanize! International Festival for Urban Exploration
2012/04/14Presentation Soundframe Exhibition and networking strategies for near future laboratories
2012/03/16Blinkofant: LEDmatrix – extraction of ~300 LED panels
2012/02/29Transmediale 2012: Panel “Subcuratorship”; Presentation “Artistic Technology Research”, Participation: Journal for In/Compatible Research
2012/01/09[Research Cultures] 9am3
2011/11/16METAmART – Art and Capital featuring BitcoinCloud

Events from 2003 to 2014 can be found in the RIAT Glacier Archive