2018-09-03[Ethereum Meetup] (Tech) The State of State Channels
2018-08-23[Meetup] Microservices Meetup
2018-08-20[EOS Meetup] EOS Authority Block Producer AMA
2018-07-28[Ethereum Meetup] Monero Austria Meetup
2018-05-30[EOS Meetup] EOS Vienna 1st Meetup: Technical Introduction to EOS
2018-05-17[Ethereum Meetup] (Tech) Microsoft’s Blockchain Workbench + Swarm Summit Recap
2018-05-03[React] React May Meetup
2018-04-17[Bitcoin Meetup] 67. Bitcoin Austria Meetup
2018-04-09[Ethereum Meetup] (User) Ethereum and Health Care (Pfizer and Grapevine World)
2018-03-06[Ethereum Meetup] (Tech) Swarm Week Results, Data Fund
2018-02-27[Book Launch] Making.Artistic.Technology Presentation
2018-02-26[Bitcoin Meetup] 66. Bitcoin Austria Meetup: Ethearnal
2018-02-22[Ethereum Meetup] (Tech) Deep Dive into Maker (MakerDAO)
2018-02-08[Ethereum Meetup] (User) Education on the Blockchain with ODEM + Etherchain
2018-02-03[Presentation] Cryptoeconomics as Data Loam (Transmediale, Berlin)
2018-02-02[Forkshop] Fork-Politics in Post-Consensus Cryptoeconomics (Transmediale, Berlin)
2017-12-27[34c3] Bitcoin / Monero / RIAT at 34c3 Chaos Communication Congress
2017-12-19AustrianStartups Stammtisch #53 with Etherisc, Coinfinity and Startup300
2017-12-18[Ethereum Meetup] Decentralised lending with ETHLend
2017-12-17[Workshop] 2FA development day
2017-12-16[Free Code Camp] Free Code Camp Meetup
2017-12-16[Workshop] Monero Open Hardware Wallet Workshop (msvb-lab)
2017-12-15[Monero Meetup] Open Hardware Wallet, Traceability
2017-12-14[Ruby & Rails] Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Ruby
2017-12-13[React] React December Meetup
2017-12-12[Bitcoin] Bitcoin Austria Meetup: Hardforks, Softforks
2017-12-05[vue.js] vue.js Meetup December
2017-12-04[Ethereum Meetup] uPort: A Platform for self-sovereign identity
2017-12-01[Monero Workgroup] Monero XMR December in Vienna
2017-11-23[RIAT Academy] Smart Contract Development with Ethereum (23. – 26. October 2017)
2017-11-22[Golang] Vienna Go User Group November Meetup
2017-11-14[Bitcoin] Bitcoin Austria Meetup
2017-11-10[Ethereum] DEVCON-3 Recap
2017-11-08[Performance] The Future of Demonstration: Proof-of-Burn
2017-11-07[vue.js] vue.js Meetup November
2017-11-01[Artist-in-residence] Laura Lotti [IT]
2017-10-25[Golang] Vienna Go User Group October Meetup
2017-10-19[RIAT Academy] Smart Contract Development with Ethereum (19. – 22. October 2017)
2017-10-18[Blockchainers Meetup] Cognitive Analytics in Support of Governmental Execution
2017-10-16[Ethereum] Byzantium Release (Metropolis Part 1)
2017-10-08[Presentation] Open Hardware Summit
2017-10-05[RIAT Academy] Smart Contract Development with Ethereum (05. – 08. October 2017)
2017-10-02[Presentation] The Rise of ICO
2017-10-01[Artist-in-residence] Jaya Klara Brekke [UK]
2017-09-29[Presentation] Startup.Live Linz: Focus Blockchain
2017-09-27[Meetup] Vienna Go (golang) User Group Meetup
2017-09-26[Bitcoin] Bit&Block Academy Week 10
2017-09-22[Presentation] Victor Papanek Foundation Symposium
2017-09-14Poietry Book Presentation(s): Solitude/Transition/Connection
2017-09-12[Bitcoin] 63. Bitcoin Austria Meetup Vienna: ICOs (sponsored by herocoin)
2017-09-07[Exhibition] STARTS Prize
2017-09-01[Artist-in-residence] Max Hampshire
2017-09-01[Exhibition] Cryptoeconomic Artefacts
2017-08-23[Presentation] Cryptoeconomics: Infrastructures & Artefacts
2017-08-11[NEM] Blockchain for Startups – How NEM Can Kickstart Your Blockchain Business
2017-08-01[Bitcoin] The Bitcoin Scaling Crisis
2017-08-01[Ethereum] Scaling Blockchain (Bitcoin + Ethereum)
2017-08-01[Bitcoin] Bit&Block Academy
2017-07-25[Bitcoin] Bit&Block Academy
2017-07-18[Bitcoin] Bit&Block Academy
2017-07-11[Workshop] Reality Winner: Threat Modelling
2017-07-11[Bitcoin] Bit&Block Academy
2017-07-04[Ethereum] Microsoft and the Blockchain
2017-07-01[Artist-in-residence] Selena Savic [SRB]
2017-06-23[Research Cultures] Mitchel Cumming & Kenzee Patterson: # A dolphin in bronze / A dolphin out of bronze #
2017-06-14[ISEA 2017] Institutions in Crisis
2017-06-14[ISEA 2017] Poietic Strategies in Artistic Practice
2017-06-13[ISEA 2017] Journal for Research Cultures
2017-06-12[Book Launch] Jürgen Kleft: Shellpunk Buchpräsentation
2017-06-09[Ethereum] Meetup: and Blockchain in SEA (Attores)
2017-06-03[New Economy Movement] initial NEM Meetup Vienna ($XEM)
2017-06-01[Artist-in-residence] Satoshi Nakomoto [JP]
2017-05-27[Ethereum] Advanced Workshop: From Idea to Contract
2017-05-25[Ethereum] Meetup: Ksenya Bellman / DAO.Casino
2017-05-24[Research Cultures] Jasmine Powell: efflux/spatter
2017-05-11[Altcoins] Clash of Coins (Ethereum + Monero + Dogecoin)
2017-05-05[Ethereum] Meetup: Meet Viktor Tron (Swarm, Ethereum)
2017-05-01[Artist-in-residence] Jasmine Powell [AU]
2017-04-28[Workshop] SIGNUM_The invisible revealed: Presence, perception and noise.
2017-04-25[Ethereum] Meetup: Possibilities of homomorphic encryption
2017-04-18[Edit-a-ton] Open Art & Technology Wikimedia Edit-a-thon at RIAT
2017-04-17[Artist-in-residence] Victor Mazón Gardoqui [ES]
2017-03-20[Ethereum] Decentralised insurance with Etherisc
2017-03-19[Artist-in-residence] Brett Scott [ZA]
2017-03-15[IoT Talks] IoT and the Blockchain with Open Hardware
2017-02-14[Ethereum] Vitalik Buterin presents the roadmap for ethereum
2017-02-14[Showcase] On display: Bitcoincloud (2010), Brute-Force-Attack (DAO, 2016) and Crypto-Artefacts
2017-02-01[Artist-in-residence] Rachel-Rose O’Leary [IRL]
2017-01-26[V&A Design Culture Salon] How does design create alternative economies in contemporary culture?
2017-01-25[Ethereum] Meet Simon De La Rouviere (Ujo Music, Consensys) and Paul Kohlhaas (9needs)
2017-01-20[Research Cultures] Lia Scarton Carreira: Fragments of [online] Existence
2016-12-26[Exhibition] RIAT Crypto Lab at 33C3 (CCC Hamburg)
2016-12-18[Workshop] Nina Prader: ZINE-CORE:_ File_Under_
2016-12-17[Ethereum] Spurious Dragon, Geth 1.5 and ENS
2016-12-15[Artistic Bokeh] Andrew Newman in conversation with Patricia J. Reis and Anna T. from Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory
2016-12-14[Lecture] Alessandro Ludovico: The Library of the Future
2016-12-10[Ethereum] Advanced Workshop: From Contract to DApp (web3.js / Whisper / Swarm / IPFS)
2016-12-03[Ethereum] Advanced Workshop: From Idea to Smart Contract
2016-12-01[Artist-in-residence] Brud
2016-12-01[Artist-in-residence] Nina Prader [USA]
2016-12-01[Artist-in-residence] Georg Tremmel & Shiho Fukuhara [JP]
2016-12-01[Workshop] MoneyLab: Politics of the Cyphersphere
2016-11-26[Making Artistic Technology] Trans/mission: The power & value of sharing commons
2016-11-25[Book Launch] Openism: Conversations on Open Hardware
2016-11-19[Ethereum] Workshop: Contract Development for Beginners
2016-11-17[Ethereum] Smart Contract Development for Beginners
2016-11-14[Research Cultures] Pêdra Costa: Seduction at a Crossroads
2016-11-12[Making Artistic Technology] SIGNUM: Workshop by Víctor Mazón Gardoqui
2016-11-10[Fintech Academy] Fintech Academy: disrupting advertising
2016-11-09[Bitcoin] 58. Bitcoin Austria Meetup
2016-11-05[Ethereum] The Age of ICOs / EIP-150 Hardfork
2016-11-01[Artist-in-residence] Víctor Mazón Gardoqui [ES]
2016-10-25Conversations on Artistic Practice & Research
2016-10-19[Making Artistic Technology] Spencer-Brown Eulogic
2016-10-07[Open Hardware] Open Hardware Summit 2016 Portland
2016-10-07[Research Cultures] Isabella Kohlhuber: NO NO NO (display)
2016-10-05[Ethereum] DEVCON-2 Recap
2016-10-01[Open Hardware] Book Launch: OPENISM – Conversations in Open Hardware
2016-09-30[Research Cultures] Imperieum Anti-Naturae
2016-09-19[Ethereum] RIAT at Ethereum DEVCON2 Shanghai
2016-09-17[Making Artistic Technology] Artist Talk: Marita Fraser
2016-09-13[Ethereum] 57th Bitcoin Austria Meetup
2016-09-13[Ethereum] Nick Dodson – Additional get-together
2016-09-12[Ethereum] Meet Nick Dodson from Consensys! (Weifund and Boardroom)
2016-09-10[Ethereum] Contract Development for Beginners
2016-09-10[Making Artistic Technology] Shanghai Class: Shaping Data, Visualizing Patterns & Understanding Blockchains
2016-09-08[Fintech Academy] AppCoins and launch of the waggawagga gaming portal
2016-09-07[Ethereum] The Road to 2.0: Abstractions / More DAO drama
2016-09-01[Artists-in-residence] Marita Fraser [AU]
2016-08-06[Ethereum] Mist, Light Client and Swarm
2016-08-05[Research Cultures] Mariel Rodríguez: Flowers of Evil:
2016-07-01[Ethereum] The DAO Attack and Consequences
2016-06-21[Ethereum] From Idea to Contract
2016-06-01[Artists-in-residence] Alessandro Ludovico [IT]
2016-05-29[Coded Cultures Openism] The Zine-Ship Manifest-Station
2016-05-28[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance: Value
2016-05-28[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Hardware Europe Summit
2016-05-27[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Phase
2016-05-27[Coded Cultures Openism] Publication and Public Making
2016-05-27[Coded Cultures Openism] NO-ISBN & Self-Publishing
2016-05-27[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits III: Rituals of Friendship & Scholarship
2016-05-26Tracing Repairability – from analysis to designing parts
2016-05-26[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Topology
2016-05-26[Coded Cultures Openism] Strategies for Post-artistic times
2016-05-26[Coded Cultures Openism] AXIOM Analog Film Workshop
2016-05-25[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Electric Indigo
2016-05-25[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits I: Proposals, Prescriptions & Possibilities
2016-05-25[Coded Cultures Openism] Blockchain and Dogecoin Meetup
2016-05-25[Coded Cultures Openism] Angewandte Praxis – AXIOM Gamma Project
2016-05-24[Coded Cultures Openism] Ethereum Contract Development for Beginners
2016-05-24[Coded Cultures Openism] Elmyra & Blender
2016-05-24[Research Cultures] Patricia J. Reis: Penetrating the Black Box
2016-05-24[Coded Cultures Openism] Contamination – for Viennese revolution
2016-05-23[Coded Cultures Openism] Ethereum & the DAO
2016-05-23[Coded Cultures Openism] Civil Disobedience Repair
2016-05-23[Coded Cultures Openism] AXIOM Hands On
2016-05-23[Coded Cultures Openism] apertus° AXIOM Ergonomics Meetup
2016-05-23[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Maps Exhibition
2016-05-22[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Cluster
2016-05-22[Coded Cultures Openism] Edit-a-thon
2016-05-22[Coded Cultures Openism] Life in Postdemocratic times
2016-05-21[Coded Cultures Openism] Vienna RISO Convention
2016-05-21[Coded Cultures Openism] Immersive Arts
2016-05-21[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Transmission
2016-05-21[Coded Cultures Openism] SIGNUM
2016-05-21[Coded Cultures Openism] Recycled Percussion and Distortion Systems
2016-05-21[Coded Cultures Openism] Overflo Uranium Workshop
2016-05-20[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Trace
2016-05-20[Coded Cultures Openism] The Faceless Phenomenon
2016-05-20[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Uli Kühn
2016-05-20[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Maps Workshop
2016-05-20[Coded Cultures Openism] Open Publishing Lab
2016-05-19[Coded Cultures Openism] Vibrance – Angle
2016-05-19[Coded Cultures Openism] Coded Cultures Opening
2016-05-19[Coded Cultures Openism] Dries Depoorter: Sheriff Software
2016-05-19[Coded Cultures Openism] Post Blockchain Lab
2016-05-19[Coded Cultures Openism] AXIOM Open Cinema Lab
2016-05-18[Research Cultures] Terra Aura Finissage
2016-05-01[Artist-in-residence] Hannes Waldschütz [DE]
2016-05-01[Artists-in-residence] Dries Depoorter
2016-04-21Josh Harle at the University of Applied Arts
2016-04-16[Ethereum] The Road to 2.0: Casper / GridSingularity
2016-04-09Making Use – Life in Postartistic Times
2016-04-08Decolonising the Digital
2016-04-02[Research Cultures] Adam Donovan: Terra Aura
2016-03-30[Making Artistic Technology] Pirate Maps
2016-03-28Pornographer or Warrior: A Discussion
2016-03-15[Ethereum] Homestead Release
2016-02-25Artistic Use of Blockchain Technology
2016-02-05Josh Harle on Tactical Space
2016-02-01Transmediale: Unmaking – 5 Anxieties
2016-02-01[Artist-in-residence] Adam Donovan [AU]
2016-01-31[Ethereum] Simple contract development and deployment
2016-01-26[Artist-in-residence] RIAT and Q21 Artist Residency Launch
2016-01-01[Artist-in-residence] Josh Harle [AU]
2015-12-28Participation at 32C3 Chaos Communication Congress
2015-12-19[Ethereum] Almost Homestead
2015-12-10Awards for Research in Artistic Technology
2015-12-01[Artist-in-residence] Mario de Vega [MX]
2015-12-01[Artist-in-residence] Nicolas Maigret [FR]
2015-12-01[Artist-in-residence] Maria Roszkowska [PL]
2015-11-22[Research Cultures] Peter Moosgaard: Skafander (The Spiritual Cyborg)
2015-11-18[Ethereum] DEVCON-1 and UI Wallet
2015-10-29Contemporary Code: Artistic Research
2015-10-29[Making Artistic Technology] Mobile Laboratory for the New Aesthetic of Digital Exchanges
2015-10-28[Making Artistic Technology] Elizabeth Losh on FemTechNet
2015-10-10[Making Artistic Technology] Make_Kit: Zine
2015-10-07[Making Artistic Technology] Micropublishing with Soybot
2015-09-28[Ethereum] Augur: Peronet Despeignes
2015-09-26[Ethereum] Augur: The decentralized prediction market
2015-09-25Social Glitch: Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events
2015-09-24Social Glitch – Radical aesthetics and the consequences of extreme events
2015-09-19Open Hardware Summit
2015-09-11[Research Cultures] Jenna Sutela: Orgs_ (Curated by Laura McLean)
2015-08-13[Ethereum] Frontier Meetup
2015-08-01ISEA Vancouver & PKP Meetup
2015-07-15Salon für Kunstbuch: Library is Everywhere
2015-07-01[Ethereum] 100 Ethereum Members and Augur
2015-07-01[Artist-in-residence] Marcell Mars [HR]
2015-06-18ELIA Conference: Economies of Aesthetics
2015-05-30[Research Cultures] Behavioural Modernity (curated by Laura McLean)
2015-05-27[Making Artistic Technology] Workshop/Sweatshop
2015-05-15Bitcoincloud at Fiber Festival
2015-05-10[Making Artistic Technology] Circuit Bending with Studio Praxistest
2015-05-01[Artist-in-residence] Laura McLean [AU]
2015-04-21[Making Artistic Technology] LIMEN Workshop with Mario de Vega and Víctor Mazón Gardoqui
2015-04-01Make Yourself an Expert Academy
2015-03-26Apertus AXIOM Kick-off
2015-03-13Matthias Tarasiewicz: Cryptocurrencies as Experimental Systems
2015-02-07[Research Cultures] Josh Harle: Tactical Space Lab
2015-02-07Capturing Experimental Research Cultures at Transmediale
2014-11-21[Research Cultures] Jai McKenzie: Never Forever
2014-11-20Launch: Runway Experimental Australian Arts Issue 26: Knowledge (Edited by Andrew Newman)
2014-11-01[Artists-in-residence] Jai McKenzie
2014-09-29[Research Cultures] Apertus & Artistic Bokeh: Open Source Cinema Lab
2014-09-04Ars Electronica with Andreas Leo Findeisen
2014-08-20[Research Cultures] dérive: Radical Utopia? La Revolution urbaine
2014-07-03Urban Knights
2014-06-15Giblinge Destruction
2014-06-06Philip Leitner & Stephan Pircher: braindump
2014-06-01[Artist-in-residence] Teresa Dillon [IE]
2014-05-01[Artist-in-residence] Dusan Barok [SK]
2014-02-27[Research Cultures] Artistic Bokeh, Société Réaliste & Georgios Papadopoulos: Too much money…
2014-02-01[Artist-in-residence] Georgios Papadopoulos [GR]
2014-01-26[Exhibition] Exhibtition: FACELESS
2014-01-01[Artist-in-residence] Paolo Cirio [IT]
2013-11-30Presentation on Artistic Technology Research
2013-11-28Out of the Box – 10 Questions on Artistic Research
2013-11-21Performance: Andrew Newman – The Old In Out In Out
2013-11-20[Presentation] Vienna Art Week 2013 Presentation: Community currencies, cryptocurrencies and alternative economies in art and society
2013-11-19[Presentation] Vienna Art Week 2013 Presentation: Applied individuality – positions and discourses in artistic research
2013-11-18Cryptocurrency Exchange
2013-11-13Artistic Technology Colloquium: Bernd Kräftner, Matthias Tarasiewicz, Lorenz Seidler, Roman Kirschner, and Mirko T. Schäfer
2013-11-11[Research Cultures] Tetsuya Umeda – Project A
2013-09-28Faceless Part II
2013-09-27[Research Cultures] KATSU – Status Update
2013-07-20Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger – Asymmetric Love Nr. 2
2013-07-11Autonomies featuring the BitcoinCloud
2013-07-04Faceless Part I
2013-07-03[Research Cultures] The Culture of Surveillance and the Poetics of Observation Technologies
2013-07-01[Artist-in-residence] Andrew Newman [AU]
2013-06-28Art and Science Jour Fixe: Matthias Tarasiewicz & Mirko Tobias Schäfer – Novel Approaches of Research in the Arts and the Humanities
2013-06-06ISEA 2013: Andrew Newman & Matthias Tarasiewicz – Play as Method
2013-06-03A personal view on Artistic Research projects of the University of Applied Arts
2013-05-05Media in Transition 8: Public media, private media
2013-04-27Miasma: The-Merz-World-New-Construction Part II – Black Sea Washing Machine (metamorphosis)
2013-01-29Transmediale: Launch – A Peer-Reviewed Journal About #BWPWAP
2013-01-02European Media Arts Cluster Meet
2012-12-05Transmediale 2012: Incompatible Research / Trial Crack; Documentation, discussion and video interviews (Georgios Papadopoulos, Pit Schulz, Post Media Lab)
2012-12-04Launch: Runway Australian Experimental Art Issue 23 – Prototype
2012-11-22Researching BWPWAP Transmediale Workshop
2012-11-20[Research Cultures] Mapping Artistic Technology Artefacts
2012-11-19Meet SETUP.NL
2012-11-10Data Visualisations with SETUP.NL
2012-11-01[Artist-in-residence] SETUP.NL – Ryanne Turenhout, Frank-Jan van Lunteren, Tijmen Schep, Danielle de Jonge, Max Laane [NL]
2012-10-01[Artist-in-residence] Mirko Tobias Schäfer [DE] [NL]
2012-09-11Radical Net Cultures –
2012-08-21IFK Sommerakademie: The Experiment in Art and Humanities – Matthias Tarasiewicz
2012-07-06Miasma-Call for Reduction: Documentation as method, meta-narrations and media convergence
2012-07-01Opening of the Artistic Technology Lab
2012-05-10Cooperation: Urbanize! International Festival for Urban Exploration
2012-04-14Presentation Soundframe | Exhibition and networking strategies for near future laboratories
2012-03-16Blinkofant: LEDmatrix – extraction of ~300 LED panels
2012-02-29Transmediale 2012: Panel “Subcuratorship”; Presentation “Artistic Technology Research”, Participation: Journal for In/Compatible Research
2012-01-09[Research Cultures] 9am3
2011-11-16METAmART – Art and Capital featuring BitcoinCloud
2011-09-30[Coded Cultures: City as Interface] Games Culture Circle
2011-09-21Artistic Bokeh Research at Coded Cultures 2011
2011-09-21[Coded Cultures: City as Interface] Opening Coded Cultures: City as Interface
2010-08-24ISEA2010 RUHR Conference P23 Coded Cultures and Japan Media Arts Festival Panel Session
2009-10-14[Coded Cultures: City as Interface] Coded Cultures Japan – Exploring Creative Emergences
2009-05-31[Coded Cultures: City as Interface] Coded Cultures Closing Event / Party
2009-05-28Start: CC – Exploring Creative Emergences
2009-05-27[Coded Cultures] Exploring Creative Emergences
2009-05-27CC Associated Event: Japan Media Arts Festival – Anime Screenings
2009-05-25CC Pre-event: Workshop by Hiroshi Yoshioka and seminar on Open Source
2009-05-25Opening: CC Pre-event: ca. 2 jō – substitute of common places
2009-05-17DORKBOT VIENNA #8: Tetsuya Umeda
2009-05-03DORKBOT VIENNA #7: Walter Langelaar: nOtbOt
2008-10-28Opening Issue #1 PLAYFULNESS
2006-07-08Cuisine Digitale Closing Party
2006-06-12Opening: Eager Eyes
2006-06-08reconstructing life VI Vernissage (Special: Brotsuppe for free)
2006-06-02Deutz Air Special (Köln) Party!
2006-05-14Opening: VIZINHOS – vernetzte Kunst in Brasilien
2006-04-19Opening: Epizentrum – Eine interaktive Installation von Martin Zeplichal
2006-03-31Opening: Niki Passath – “Ein Wesen, spinnenähnlich…”
2006-03-17Opening: Der Kubus
2006-03-05PD-Radio Workshop
2006-03-04Audio Audience Session und Afterparty mit Werner Hörtner
2006-02-12LIFE MUSIC – lecture von Günther Albrecht
2006-01-27Bull and Bear – 50:50 goes Graz! Pressekonferenz LESSER GROUP, Konzert GAMEBOY MUSIC CLUB, DJ ILE
2006-01-10Opening: “Selbstschenkerin” und Konzert Lesung mit Angelika Reitzer, moderiert von Eva Umbauer
2005-12-16Opening: Rounding Error Vernissage und Party, First Austrian Air Scratch Competition
2005-12-16Rounding Error – Installationen von Toby Heys (Battery Operated, KIT)
2005-11-16Opening: ROBÖXOTICA – Festival für Cocktailrobotik von Kirstin Breitenfellner
2005-11-10Public Lecture – Melentie Pandilovski “New Media Art in Australia”
2005-11-06“Map of Meanings III”: Artist Talk (Moderation: Dieter Buchhart)
2005-11-01“Map of Meanings III”
2005-10-31Opening: “Map of Meanings III”
2005-10-24Free networks, history and current developments
2005-09-29“Der Daten Eden” – Tomislav Stejpanovic, Martin Wenko und Christian Streinz
2005-09-28Finissage der Tamponrevolution mit Künstlerinnengesprächen, Gulasch und Musik
2005-09-15“Trockenperiode / Tamponrevolution” – Maria Christine Pawel & Alexandra Mitsche
2005-08-28“Map of Meanings II”: Artist Talk (Moderation: Dieter Buchhart)
2005-08-25“Map of Meanings II” – Adachi Tomomi & Ishida Takashi Lesung von Karin Harrasser
2005-08-01Michalis Pichler/ Edgar Orlaineta “the lost e and the e to be lost”
2005-07-23Release, Release! Website Online und Alexandra Remm: “Homepage goes Party” Medienkunstcafe “Krimi, Kredit und Harfe” Lesung von Jürgen Benvenuti
2005-07-17Alexandra Remm – “Die digitale Farbharfe” und “Die numerologische Kreditkartenauswertungsmaschine”
2005-07-10“Map of Meanings I” (Moderation: Dieter Buchhart)
2005-07-05“Map of Meanings I”: Minako SAITOH und anti-cool (Tomoko TAKAHASHI)
2005-07-02PD PureData Vienna Meeting 05 bei add-on lädt Eva Umbauer zur Lesung in die Cuisine Digitale
2005-06-26Start: Lesungen einmal im Monat, sonntags um 19 Uhr
2005-06-16“Digitale Kunst”
2005-05-29“INSERT COIN”