The RIAT institute is an NGO and works in the fields of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Open and Libre Hardware, and Coded Cultures. Our aims are to create literacy in crypto, open hardware and fringe research. You can support our mission!

RIAT is organised and registered as an NGO and is operated through support from the board as well as from its members. We also have a large international network of individuals and supporting institutions. The board and the core team work voluntarily, funds are used for space, projects, publications and technical equipment. There are different ways to support the institute

  • donations or sponsoring of events and publications
  • individual or institutional membership
  • ordering items from the shop

Donations vs. sponsoring

If you want to support the institute with technology and/or materials, please look at the current materials list, where there is an overview of tech and material needs from the individual labs and workgroups.

Please be advised that the difference between donation and sponsoring is that by (Austrian) law you don’t have any saying on how the donated funds are spent in the case of donations. We are liable and bound to our statutes, and we can and will only use the funds in this regards.

RIAT does not accept sponsorship, but you can sponsor individual projects, events and publications. Please get in contact with us if you are interested in sponsorship possibilities.


RIAT consists of individual as well as institutional members. Institutional members are contributing and exchanging to infrastructure and larger projects, while individuals usually work in one of the labs or are involved in specific work groups.