Developer trainings in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, EVM, WASM and Rust.

The RIAT Academy is aimed at preparing developers for the future crypto-era. RIAT academy provides training in the domains of blockchain, smart contract development, EVM, WASM and Rust. We are training developers to contribute to Ethereum, Monero, Polkadot and others.

The RIAT Academy is a format which is aimed at developers and is taking place in Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Switzerland and other places on-demand.

  • Cryptography
    • Introduction to Cryptography (Workshop)
    • Cryptographic applications with Python

  • Monero
    • Starting development with Monero (Workshop)
    • An overview of the Monero Codebase
    • Contributing to Monero

  • Cryptoeconomics
    • Cryptoeconomics 101 (Workshop)
    • Understanding Cryptoeconmics
    • Cryptoeconomic Primitives and their applications
    • Advanced Cryptoeconomics Analysis: Tokenomics and Validator Economics

  • Smart Contracts
    • Learning Smart Contract Development with Ethereum and Solidity
    • Advanced Smart Contract Development with Ethereum
    • Auditing Smart Contracts: the good, the bad and the ugly of Solidity Smart Contracts
    • Using Rust and WASM for development of Smart Contracts

  • Rust
    • Getting started with the Rust programming language
    • Advanced Rust for Blockchain developers
    • Rust and WASM for cross-chain application development
    • Embedded Rust for embedded enthusiasts
    • Using Rust for Linux Kernel development

Please contact us if you are a developer who wants to join our training, or if you are interested in other elements of the RIAT academy.