RIAT utilizes experimental technology and open hardware to explore and actively stress-test the role of research and development in the age of zero-trust. Through novel forms of presentation, discussion and publication, RIAT examines the global “cryptoeconomic condition” and its effects on culture and society. RIAT fosters an open and interdisciplinary discourse that improves crypto-literacy for the decentralized society of tomorrow.

The RIAT Institute (Research Institute for Arts and Technology) is a multidisciplinary research organization focused on the intersection of art, design, technology, and society. Established in Vienna, Austria, RIAT has partner organizations and projects worldwide.

RIAT fosters innovation and collaboration by bringing together artists, technologists, and scientists to explore and address societal challenges. The institute is renowned for its commitment to open-source culture, decentralized technologies, and fostering critical discourse on the social and ethical implications of emerging technologies such as web3 and artificial intelligence (AI). Key areas of research include blockchain, open source, IoT (internet of things) and decentralized governance.

RIAT is an independent organization established in Vienna in 2012. The institute consists of an international network of researchers, developers, and members who seek to advance the adoption of research methodology, open source, cryptography, and privacy technology across disciplines.

You can read about our history on Wikipedia or get an overview of event-based work on the GitHub archive. Publications can be found on Keybase and via academia.edu.