SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education

SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education

In the Context of Artistic Research Education: The opening part of this book consists of two chapters. The first of these attempts to outline the multiple genealogies and contexts of artistic research education in a way that seeks (I) to understand why the notion of artistic research is contested and (II) to identify some of the different factors underpinning the energetic contest of meanings and values which characterizes contemporary artistic research education.

Chapter two turns to the organizational bases of contemporary research education in the arts. In doing so, it deliberately juxtaposes the contested genealogy of artistic research, given in the preceding chapter, with a discussion of some of the practical strategies already prevalent in doctoral education in the arts. This is done in a bid to renegotiate the arguments from first principles (‘Is research through art practice possible?’), paving the way for a consideration of actually existing practices and organizational strategies.

The proposal is that the debate on artistic research should be pursued, in substantial part, through attending to actually existing practices and production. This can best be done by attending to the forms and contents of already operative doctoral educations in the arts, and not predominantly through exchanges of meta-theoretical propositions on the nature of art or research by commentators.

Table of contents

Part One: The Contexts of Artistic Research Education

  • Chapter 1 The third Cycle in Arts Education: A Contested Construct
  • Chapter 2 Organisational Strategies and Platforms for Artistic Research Education

Part Two: Examples and Case Studies of Artistic Research

  • Chapter 3 Artistic Research Projects: Some Examples
  • Chapter 4 Case Studies

Part Three: Contested Values and Critical Debates

  • Chapter 5 Interventions: Position Papers and Dialogues
  • Chapter 6 Advocacy Strategies
  • Chapter 7 Judgments: the questions of Quality and Evaluation

Part Four: The Next Generation of Artistic Research Education

  • Chapter 8 Networking and Communities of Practice
  • Chapter 9 think about the Future

Part Five: Toolbox: Toolbox: Curriculum Resources

  • Chapter 10 Questions of Methods
  • Chapter 11 What is a Discipline?
  • Chapter 12 Art as a Context for Research


  • Henk Borgdorf
  • Anna Daučíková
  • Scot deLahunta
  • ELIA
  • James Elkins
  • Bojan Gorenec
  • Johan A Haarberg
  • Efva Lilja
  • Steven Henry Madof
  • Leandro Madrazo
  • Nina Malterud
  • Ruth Mateus-Berr
  • Alen Ožbolt
  • John Rajchman
  • Schelte van Ruiten
  • Matthias Tarasiewicz
  • Andris Teikmanis
  • Johan Verbeke
  • Mick Wilson

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