Openism – Conversations in Open Hardware

Openism – Conversations in Open Hardware sheds light into the motivations and different open source strategies, as well as the different levels of “openness” (openisms) in open design movements.

Openism unravels the varying perspectives of key practitioners and theoreticians on the development of open hardware across the globe including Richard Stallman, Joshua Pearce, Andrew Huang, Katherine Scott, Madeline Gannon, Silvia Lindtner among others. In a series of conversations, the potential for, and the consequence of an openism approach is demonstrated through stories of 3D-printed stethoscopes in the Gaza Strip, hacked open Xboxes, trained robots, DIY gynecological equipment and complete science labs built out of open hardware.

Essays and interviews on Open Hardware, featuring Alicia Gibb, Andrew (Bunnie) Huang, Alessandro Ludovico, Joshua Pearce, Katherine A. Scott, Klau Kinky, Andreas Siagian, Madeline Gannon, David Cuartielles, Michael Gielda, Michael Weinberg, Nils Gabriel, Pablo Gallo Vejo & Victor Mazon Gardoqui, Pavitra Gautam, Sophie-Carolin Wagner, Sebastian Pichelhofer, Stefanie Wuschitz, Silvia Lindtner, Tarek Loubani, Tom Ingoe, Josh Harle and Richard Stallman.


  • Wagner, Newman, Tarasiewicz & Wuschitz (Eds.) / Introduction
  • Richard Stallman / Free Hardware and Free Hardware Designs
  • Josh Harle / Open Maps: Decolonizing the Map
  • Joshua Pearce / Six Steps to Calculate the ROI for an Open Hardware Project


  • Alicia Gibb
  • Andrew “Bunnie” Huang
  • Alessandro Ludovico
  • Joshua Pearce
  • Katherine A. Scott
  • Klau Kinky
  • Andreas Siagian
  • Madeline Gannon
  • David Cuartielles
  • Michael Gielda
  • Michael Weinberg
  • Nils Gabriel
  • Pablo Gallo Vejo
  • Victor Mazon Gardoqui
  • Pavitra Gautam
  • Sophie-Carolin Wagner
  • Sebastian Pichelhofer
  • Stefanie Wuschitz
  • Silvia Lindtner
  • Tarek Loubani
  • Tom Igoe

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