Coded Cultures: New Media Arts and Production Cultures ( Tarasiewicz, 2011)

Coded Cultures are novel structures of (self) organization: cultural accomplishments of new organizational forms (DAOs) in context with a transforming environment to introduce novel cultural artifacts, »distributed agency« and »nouveau collectivism«. Coded Cultures introduced novel technological cultures, to include novel forms of production and presentation.

This text is part of the book “Coded Cultures: New Creative Practices out of Diversity (Edition Angewandte) 2011 Edition

Coded Cultures

New Media Arts include a broad context of works and processes. The project CODED CULTURES introduced novel technological production cultures, that would not put their work in the context of art. This melange of works with technological, media related structures of (self) organization were brought together at a single place where a mixture of exhibition and symposium, workshops and concerts took place in an experimental setting. The approach displays »actants« (Latour, 1987/2005) and not objects: since works in the fields of new media arts are intertwined with the creator(s) and their cultural background, the whole context has to be made an issue. CODED CULTURES involve cultural accomplishments of individuals and novel organizational forms (DAOs) in context with an ever-changing (transforming) environment to introduce novel cultural artifacts, »distributed agency«, »framed interactivity« and collectivism.