[Workshop] Embedded optics and IoT cloud (msvb-lab)


Start: 10:00

In hands-on training, we’ll practice IoT messaging and image recognition technology, as well as how it integrates with cloud services. We’ll consider aspects of data control, how to design security and portability into the system, as well as Hardware considerations. Following the overview presentation, we’ll examine a demonstration of optical cloud connected technology, and have the opportunity to ask questions while reviewing features of a supplied developer kit.

Start: 14:00

In the workshop “Monero Open Hardware Wallet”, developers of the community-funded Open Hardware Wallet for Monero will show the progress of 2+ months of development in planning and creating the device, and will give insights into how Open Hardware projects are undertaken. The workshop will feature KiCad, JTAG and how complex designs are prepared in order to deliver a fully-featured open hardware project.