Russegger, G., Tarasiewicz, M. & Wlodkowski, M. (2011). Coded cultures. New creative practices out of diversity. In Coded cultures (pp. 8-40). Springer.

Michal Wlodkowski

In recent years global economies and city policies have set their sights on the codes of creative cultures. With questionable terms like creative and cultural industries, this movement has not been able to grasp the complex state of the art in which new innovative operations are being pushed by creative and artistic modes of delineation. In fact the involved inventors are becoming ≫disoriented≪ within the parameters of these unstable policies. Being creative, flexible, mistake-friendly, open to life long learning, economically stable and socially networked are the abilities needed to earn a living in creative labor. The current situation calls for the development of a broader view of inflationary used terms like creativity, innovation or code. This introduction presents examples and sketches theoretical descriptions as pathways to a non-economical understanding of codes and programs that underlie creative cultures.

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