[34c3] Bitcoin / Monero / RIAT at 34c3 Chaos Communication Congress


As part of the Monero December in Vienna, Austria RIAT is working on the plans and implementation details for the Assemblies (Bitcoin, Monero and RIAT) at 34c3 Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany.

“Startups and the blockchain” / panel discussion.

  • Michael Eisler, Co-Founder & CEO – Startup300
  • Stephan Karpischek, Co-Founder – Etherisc
  • Dejan Jovicevic, Co-Founder & CEO – DerBrutkasten
  • Max Tertinegg, Co-Founder & CEO – Coinfinity

In the final Ethereum meetup of the year 2017, Kersten Schütze will present the ETHLend platform. In addition we will briefly review the past year and look at what’s coming to Ethereum Vienna in 2018.

The Monero-Meetup Group will give insights on community projects, an update report on the Monero Open Hardware Wallet (msvb-lab) and also features a talk by Bernhard Haslhofer (AIT) “Cryptocurrency Analytics beyond Bitcoin”. Members of the Monero community will be available for chatting and networking (part of Monero Month).

The resurrected Vienna Ruby & Rails Meetup will focus on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and the Blockchain; By looking at the current implementations and projects out there, monero-ruby, bitcoin-ruby, payment processors and other use-cases with Ruby and Rails will be discussed. The meetup will also feature a blockchain beginners introduction for Ruby developers.

  • The Whys, Hows, and Whats of npm Packaging (Juho Vepsäläinen)
  • Writing a book about Redux (Daniel Bugl)
  • styled-jsx – Full CSS support for JSX without compromises (Giuseppe Gurgone)

The 2x hardfork didn’t take place, but others did, so… what actually is a fork?

Hardforks, Softforks, new coins, old coins. Let’s talk about the tech and cryptoeconomics behind forks and understand what and why they are.

Vue.js is an open-source “progressive JavaScript framework” for user interfaces. Integration into projects that use other JavaScript libraries is said to be easy with Vue.js because of its incrementally adoptable design.

This meetup features the following talks:

  • Using Quasar To Supercharge Your App Development (Robert Axelsen)
  • Vue With TypeScript And .NET Core Play (Radim B)

uPort is a platform for self-sovereign identity developed by Consensys and based on Ethereum. Joel Torstensson is one of the developers of uPort and will give a technical overview of the platform.