[Golang] Vienna Go User Group October Meetup


Welcome to our Vienna.go meetup event. Get together with other Go (golang) users, listen to talks, and socialize.

More about Go here: https://golang.org/

Thanks to RIAT (an institute for research, development, communication and education in the fields of crypto-economics, the blockchain and experimental artistic technology) (https://riat.ac.at/) for hosting this event!


1. Introduction

2. Unit Testing in Go, by Michael Köppl
Michael will give an introductory talk with with live coding, and also cover some more complex problems involving testing HTTP handlers and database access.

3. Intro to websocketd, by Robert Axelsen
Robert will give a talk and demo session on websocketd, a tool (written in Go) that turns any program that uses STDIN/STDOUT into a WebSocket server.

4. Socialization / Group discussion

SPONSORS: We are always open for sponsors, so please contact if you’re interested in sponsoring drinks/food for one of our meetups.