Vizinhos:* Vitor Cesar* Renan Costa Lima* Rodrigo Costa Lima* MaurĂ­cio Takara* Eduardo Verderame


VIZINHOS is an exhibition focuses on networked art in Brazil, which takes place over two weeks in the open space of the MuseumQuartier Wien, presents positions in the synergy between situationism, media art and architecture of the BASE project. In the period of the 4th EU Latin American Summit in Vienna five Brazilian artists are invited by the 5uper.net group as part of the Artist in Residence Program of the MuseumQuartier Wien.

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SETUP is the platform for all in Utrecht, interested in the combination of technology and creative culture. It was founded in 2010 as an initiative of several local people and groups active in new media, art and design. SETUP is not a regular media lab: the approach is different. The initiative focuses not so much on the technology itself but on the social implications, cultural significance and creative ways to use new technologies.

The message of SETUP is spread through the organization of events such as readings, workshops and exhibitions. The target group is widespread and highly diversified, from technology enthusiasts to academics to designers and technology developers, the most diverse people meet in the SETUP premises.

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