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What steam was to the industrial revolution, data processing is to the information society. Economics, culture, politics and the society as whole have changed in a radical way. Artistic practices as well have changed in the last decades, not only were artists critically commenting on the societal changes that new technologies brought with them, but they also started experimenting with novel materialities.

Contemporary »new media arts« that are information savvy, research driven and follow the international technology discourse (as well as outlining the future challenges of technology development) have the possibility to transport issues to larger audiences and reach the information society with their critique. Artistic Technology Research investigates contemporary practices in (new) media arts by looking at the change of aesthetics in the age of the network society. What is the current role of technology in artistic production, and how will it further develop?

Artistic Technology Research was a research project led by Matthias Tarasiewicz and funded through the Austrian Science Fund and ran from 2012 until 2016.