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Production in the 21st century works with distributed authorship and identities. Artists as well as coders (devs) present their processes “coded” in the fragmentations of global networks. Contemporary (post-artistic) output is developed out of collective inquiries, research processes are results of distributed agency between humans, machines, and programs. There is nothing more than to leave ‘traces’, not to produce “final” products but “process artefacts”. RIAT welcomes and embraces the ephemeral nature of meatspace, as it only consists of collectively held and performed visions of desirable futures.Coded Cultures thematizes concepts of openness with a focus on open hardware and open technologies and their implications for art, design, science and society. It is a critical forum to debate the relevance of these technologies and to investigate critical strategies of technological appropriation, which in their different approaches and cultural techniques are constituting communities of practice.

Coded Cultures is a format and research program that started in 2004 (through the group and continued through RIAT from 2012. In 2014 the and Coded Cultures archive was integrated into the RIAT Archive for Coded Cultures.

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