Newman, A. (2015). Knowledge. In Runway Journal for Australian Experimental Art (26)
Jasmine Targett, What the eyes do not see, 2014,Telescopes and hand blown glass component (160 x 260 x 80cm).

Art, as the post enlightenment embodiment of myth and superstition, could position itself equally alongside science as a significant pillar of knowledge to resurrect what Adorno and Horkheimer describe as a true enlightenment. Yet as art begins to reconfigure itself as research for the purpose of asserting its value within a knowledge economy, it risks infecting itself by communing with the diseased discipline of science. The military-industrial complex bedded science long ago and the discipline has been bed-ridden ever since, bound to keep pushing papers and producing knowledge in the ongoing service of some abstract arms race.

ISSN: 1448-8000

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