Monero December in Vienna, Austria

Monero December is series of events dedicated to Monero, the privacy-centric and security-focussed fungible cryptocurrency. In December of 2017, community and developers around the Monero project are invited to work, present and develop in Vienna, Austria – hosted by RIAT. Additionally, the time will be used to outline and plan the implementation of the Monero 34C3 Assembly and combined other crypto/blockchain related assemblies at the CCC in Leipzig.

Current schedule is available on the Events page.

2017-12-12 [Bitcoin] Bitcoin Austria Meetup
2017-12-13 [React] React December Meetup
2017-12-14 [Ruby & Rails] Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Ruby
2017-12-15 [Monero Meetup] Open Hardware Wallet, Traceability
2017-12-16 [Free Code Camp] Free Code Camp Meetup
2017-12-16 [Workshop] Monero Open Hardware Wallet Workshop (msvb-lab)
2017-12-17 [Workshop] Tomu.im 2FA development day
2017-12-27 [34c3] Bitcoin / Monero / RIAT at 34c3 Chaos Communication Congress

Bitcoin, Monero and RIAT at 34c3 (Chaos Communication Congress) in Leipzig, Germany

As part of the Monero December in Vienna, Austria we will be working on the plans and implementation details for the Assemblies at 34c3 (Chaos Communication Congress) in Leipzig, Germany. We are organising a combined effort of the Bitcoin, Monero and RIAT Assemblies. More info will be posted here as it appears. Make sure to check out the external resources listed here:

Overview of resources so far: