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The DARC Laboratory for Future Cryptoeconomics is a decentralized cluster researching future cryptoeconomic conditions, based on experimental methods from speculative design and futures research.

Worldwide on special occasions, a mobile version of the laoratory is installed. This mobile version is a discussion and interview-format to speculate about the future of decentralisation and to extend the vocabulary and methods of future cryptoeconomics research. Interviews and discussions are accompanied by professional photography and aim to capture global cryptoeconomic outlooks and their effects on culture and society, in order to foster an open and interdisciplinary discourse about societies of tomorrow.


Laboratory of Future Cryptoeconomics at Transmediale, Berlin (workshop and presentation)
2018-02-01 Berlin, Germany

Laboratory of Future Cryptoeconomics (x Monero/RIAT/BITCOIN)
34C3 Chaos Communication Congress (Lab and Meta-Assembly)
2017-12-26 to 2017-12-30, CCC, Leipzig, Germany

Laboratory of Future Cryptoeconomics at Ethereum Devcon3 (Full Lab)
2017-11-01 Cancun, Mexico